We are looking for: DevOps Engineer (PAAS).

Your role:

We’re growing rapidly and are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join one of our Platform as a Service team. You’ll be part of a team developing a complex Kubernetes infrastructure both on-prem and in Google Cloud, including technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Jenkins, Prometheus, Grafana, Consul, Kafka, etc. You will be using the most modern tool-set to develop the solution in the best standards and in high quality. You will collaborate across teams and departments to ensure an optimal workplace experience for our talented teams.

What you’ll do as a DevOps Engineer:

  • Integrate automated testing and feedback into pipelines (unit, component, end-to-end, performance, etc.);
  • Understand and setup application quality/health monitoring tools;
  • Setup and maintain software configuration systems and repos;
  • Understand AGILE methodologies and participate in planning and support delivery (work with developers and teams to help design DevOps approaches);
  • Analyze and adopt new tools related to building, deploying, and monitoring software systems, while informing best practices;
  • Be able to train less senior engineers or speak to stakeholders, clearly communicating using technical patterns and feature outlines;
  • Review solutions and ensure they conform to best practices.


  • Good programming/scripting experience (e.g., Python, Ruby, Bash);
  • Strong Linux system administration;
  • Networking (DNS, VPN, TCP/IP, TLS, …);
  • Security (network, RBAC/ABAC, token systems, OAuth);
  • Monitoring and visualization tools (Grafana, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, Kibana etc.);
  • Strong cloud infrastructure experience with AWS, GCP or VMware/Xen/KVM;
  • Configuration as code and automation tools (e.g., Terraform, Ansible);
  • Docker or equivalent container platform, and orchestration (Kubernetes, GKE, Helm, etc.);
  • Supporting tools for app/process monitoring, logging, etc;
  • Build tools for CI/CD and quality (Git, Jenkins/Jenkins Pipeline, SonarQube).

Apply at: [email protected]