NVIDIA is having its fall 2021 GPU Technology Conference (GTC), which will include sessions on the latest in AI, accelerated computing, data science, graphics, robotics, self-driving cars, and more. During today’s GTC keynote, the CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang explored the most transformative technologies of our time.

Huang presented a range of new NVIDIA products and initiatives, spanning VR, enterprise AI, cybersecurity, quantum computing, advances in automotive, and much more. 

Holo Skin is NVIDIA’s full-stack open platform for next-generation software to find instruments. He commented:

“Holo Skin applications can be deployed fully in instrument in the hospitals’ data centers, or a mixture of both. This allows companies to develop applications that require more computing than is in the device. Or to upgrade the installed base of devices, years after deployment. Holo Skin is a full-stack open platform for next-generation software to find instruments. Holo Skin is our third robotics platform.”

Besides Holo Skin, NVIDIA is also developing Mapping for autonomous driving. The CEO said:

“Mapping is a credible pillar of driving. It is the collective memory of the fleet and can be considered another sensor. A couple of months ago, we welcomed DeepMap to our company. DeepMap is an expert in mapping for autonomous driving.” 


He announced ReOpt – a software package combining local search heuristics algorithms and the so-called metaheuristics to optimize vehicle route planning and distribution. ReOpt taps algorithms, providing customers with road conditions, traffic, as well as route metrics to reduce fuel cost, carbon emissions, and miles. 

A variety of other topics were raised during today’s keynote. The conference is being hosted between 8-11 November. Topics, such as 3D Design, collaboration, and simulation, game development, Internet of Things (IoT), 5g, data science, and many more will be raised.

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