Google recently announced the general availability (GA) of AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, a fully managed database service compatible with PostgreSQL that provides scaled compute and storage, integrated analytics and management using AI/ML.

Other public cloud providers Microsoft and AWS also host PostgreSQL-compatible database services like AlloyDB. Microsoft offers Azure Database for PostgreSQL and even recently launched Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, which combines the Postgres-based scalable database technology the company acquired from Citus Data with the globally distributed Azure Cosmos DB database service.

Key Features

Fully managed database service
AlloyDB is a fully managed database service, compatible with PostgreSQL, with industry-leading performance, availability and scalability. It automates administrative tasks such as backup, replication, repair, and capacity management, and uses adaptive algorithms and machine learning to manage a PostgreSQL vacuum, manage storage and memory, tier data, and accelerate analytics so you can focus on building your applications.

Fast transaction processing
AlloyDB is more than 4x faster than standard PostgreSQL for transactional workloads. It is suitable for the most demanding enterprise workloads, including those that require high transaction throughput, large data sizes, or multiple read replicas. Read connections scale horizontally, backed by low-latency read replica pools and scaling.

High availability
AlloyDB offers a 99.99% uptime SLA, including maintenance. It automatically detects and recovers from most failures within 60 seconds, regardless of database size and workload.

Real-time business insights
AlloyDB is up to 100 times faster than standard PostgreSQL for analytic queries, with zero impact on operational performance when running business analytics, reports, and hybrid transactional and analytic workloads (HTAP).

Customer-friendly pricing
Pricing is transparent and predictable, with no costly, restrictive licensing and no opaque I/O fees. Storage is automatically managed and only charged for what you use, with no additional storage costs for read-only replicas.

With the GA release, Google also announced the expansion of the AlloyDB partner ecosystem with several new partnerships for over 50 technology and service partners to assist customers with AlloyDB-based deployments.


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