We live in a world where technology is a significant part of our everyday life. That is not an exaggeration and there is nothing we can do about it.

We are used to using all those smart gadgets and devices but how many of us have ever thought about the people who actually made those things work?

Let’s talk about two types of them – developers and programmers.

What do developers do? 

Their work is really responsible and extensive. Of course, just like programmers, they write codes, but also they need to take care of the software design, writing documentation, testing the software, doing research over a specific aspect, etc. Developers need to have some specific skills. One of them is the ability to solve problems and be patient in the working process.

There are different kinds of developers such as game developers, mobile developers, software developers, DevOps developers, and so one. All of them are expected to look after many other aspects of a certain project.

What do programmers do? 

Programmers’ skills are highly important especially when it comes to software and web development. They are responsible for a certain part of the whole project – coding. In other words, programmers’ work demands writing code, testing and fixing bugs if there are any.

They are also obliged to rewrite programs for different operating systems, and update programs that already exist. There are different kinds of programmers. These are application programmers, system programmers, game programmers, etc.

Where is the difference? 

While programmers are liable for a specific thing – coding and its aspects, developers are responsible for all aspects of the whole project. And that’s the most general difference between them.

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