If you are a programmer or software engineer and sometimes you feel tired, procrastinate and are not satisfied with your performance at work, then this article is for you. You should know that many developers experience similar problems and difficulties. It is undeniable that web development requires time, effort, patience, a lot of concentration and of course tension. And today we’ll discuss the top tips that improve developer productivity and make work more efficient, presented by Flatlogic.

Top Tips to Increase Productivity

Develop yourself first!
If you want to be a productive developer, you need to increase your base of professional knowledge, commercial experience and so-called hard skills. But what is more important for all developers is their fundamental knowledge. You can go deep into algorithms, system architecture or devopsing. And a good understanding of these things will definitely help you feel more confident in any project you work on.

Creating an optimal environment
The ideal developer workplace may look different for everyone, but the main idea is to minimize distractions and make it comfortable for you. An ergonomic workspace with a desk, quality chair and proper lighting is crucial for developers!

For all IT professionals, and especially developers, equipment plays an essential role in making their workspace comfortable and their work productive.

Reduce distractions
If you ask developers what the most annoying thing is for them, most will say it’s being interrupted in the middle of a difficult workflow. Because once you’ve been distracted, it’s hard to concentrate again. But how to clear distractions?

One of the first and easiest ways is to turn off notifications in messengers and apps. You can read the messages when you’re ready for a break. This will definitely save hours of downtime for you.

Use noise-cancelling headphones and mute your phone. Do not multitask! Plan your working day in advance. Turn on the “Do not disturb me” feature while you are performing a task.

Regular communication
Regular communication and feedback leads to more engaged customers and stronger relationships with them, but it can also help improve developer productivity. Feedback gives the team relevant information that helps them decide which features and requests to work on and when. But be careful!

Communication is useful, but as with many good things, you can overdo it. Too much communication can negatively impact productivity and reduce the work time and energy available to complete core tasks.

Setting reasonable deadlines
In order to set deadlines that are reasonable for you, you must first determine the scope of the project. Deadlines are great if they motivate the team and help them plan and prioritize tasks and plan dependencies. But too much or too soon, and they can become overwhelming, negatively impact concentration, and cause stress. When setting deadlines, you need to give a reasonable estimate of how long the task will take and take into account unforeseen errors and obstacles, as well as other priorities that may arise.

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