Aman Gupta is an Indian entrepreneur, co-founder and chief marketing officer of electronics technology company boAt. He is also an investor in the Indian TV show Shark Tank.

A curious fact about him is that he is also known for his songs. Recently, at the National Creative Awards, the entrepreneur was recognized as the “Celebrity Entrepreneur of the Year“ by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Childhood, education, life path

The business leader grew up in the capital, Delhi. Graduated from public school R.K. Puram. He received his higher education in Business Administration from the University of Delhi.

Knowledge in this field proved to be insufficient for him and he acquired a qualification in finance and strategy from the Indian Business School. He continued his studies by completing a management and marketing program at the Kellogg Graduation School of Management in the US in 2011.

Aman Gupta’s journey started from a humble family. Years later, he married Priya Daggar, with whom they raised two daughters, Ada Gupta and Miraya Gupta.


The young entrepreneur founded bot in 2013, which turned out to be a significant period for his transformation. boAt is an electronics brand that focuses primarily on the development of audio products.

The company’s motto is “Plug In to Nirvana”. We associate Nirvana with achieving complete peace and freedom. Through them, the company strives to reach the largest possible audience.

“When you take a boat, you leave everything behind. You plug into a new zone”-Says Aman Gupta.

The company started with the activity of cable production. The beginning is difficult because the banks do not think that the company will develop successfully and refuse to give a loan.

Every day the organization faces a series of challenges and difficulties to produce modern and desirable products as well as to break into the market, but the young visionary proves his leadership skills.

It makes the company one of the most preferred in the market. boAt quickly gained the trust of customers by proving its quality, innovation and affordability.

Net worth

According to GQ India, the entrepreneur’s net worth currently stands at Rs 720 crore and the boAt value is estimated at Rs 10,500 crore.
He has invested in the following startups: Shiprocket, WickedGud, 10 club, Freecultr, Bummer, Skippi Ice Pops and others.


Interestingly, Aman Gupta remains almost entirely focused on his work and development. Maintains a relatively modest lifestyle. He does not bet much on pleasures.

The technology leader is described as a down-to-earth and humble person. Hard work, integrity and perseverance are the values ​​he adheres to.

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