Amazon plans to launch a business chatbot named Q, powered by generative artificial intelligence, Sky News reported. This was revealed during the AWS re:Invent 2023 conference in Las Vegas.

Amazon’s decision to create a business chatbot is actually the answer the company is giving to competitors who have released chatbots that have caught the attention of the public.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT continues to generate a lot of public and business interest in AI-generating tools that can write emails, marketing messages, essays and other human-like text. This attention initially gave an edge to OpenAI’s main partner and financial sponsor, Microsoft, which has the rights to the underlying technology behind ChatGPT and is using it to create its own AI-generating tools, known as Copilot.

But it has also prompted competitors such as Google to release their own versions.

Amazon said Q will be able to synthesize content as well as streamline daily communications and assist employees with tasks.

Companies will have the option to integrate Q with their proprietary data and systems, enabling them to enjoy a personalized experience that is more pertinent. The technology is currently accessible for preview.

And although Amazon is the dominant cloud computing provider, the company is not yet seen as a leader in AI research.

A recent Stanford University index that measured the transparency of the 10 major AI models, including Amazon’s Titan, ranked Amazon last.

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