It’s common for developers to go the freelance route. The idea of freelancing is also appealing to those who would like to make extra money even though they’re already working a dev job. So what are the tips and tricks if we want to build a career as a freelance developer?

Well, let’s dive in.

First of all freelance developers must decide in which niche they are going to serve. There are a few things to address in regards to deciding what niche you’re going to serve. The first is an explanation of why you need a “niche” in the first place. The second is how to go about choosing that niche. One other point about choosing a niche is that you wind up providing a much higher level of service to your customers. Developers can sell themselves to clients by playing the role of a problem solver.

You also need to figure out your services and pricing in order to be successful. It’s really important to consider a few different factors in regards to your offerings. There are three things any freelance developer should consider when deciding what services they wish to offer – your level of interest in a given area, the extent to which you can scale up the offering, and your ability to outsource some of the work.

The final thing to consider is the extent to which you’ll be able to outsource the work which needs to be performed. The greater the ability to outsource, then the more you can grow the company by leveraging the labour of others. In freelancing networks, rates and reputation are in fairly strict relationships. When deciding your pricing it is important to remember a few things: Charge flat fees whenever possible and avoid hourly billing. Also, make sure you have a model which can build recurring revenue.

Whether you decide to take an immediate plunge or build up slowly you need to have a strategy of how to find new projects.  You can look at Twitter, LinkedIn, and Freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer and Elance. DAAS (developer as a service) platforms such as Toptal, Alt-Tab, X-Team and Crew are also another good place to find a new project.

Once you’ve got a job, you’ll want to make sure that you complete it successfully and impress your client – that will make it easier for you to land your next one. Here are two main software developers’ tips for freelancers: communicate with your client and protect your reputation.

Keep in mind that being successful in business requires effort in all of the areas described above. Remember that you’re never going to be better than the area you are weakest in!

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International