Azul has launched a new cloud-native compiler that offloads Java JIT compilation from a local system to an elastic resource. The compiler’s purpose is to lower the amount of resources needed to run the application and improve time to peak performance, according to InfoQ. Scott Sellers, CEO and co-founder, Azul said:

“Azul Intelligence Cloud helps IT and application leaders deliver on a seemingly paradoxical set of priorities: deliver innovative cloud-based applications while also decreasing infrastructure costs in a business environment where improving margins is often a matter of survival.”

He added:

“Azul offers customers faster performance using fewer compute resources, delivering up to 50 percent reduction on their infrastructure spending. We do this not by changing their application code or by adding servers, but by optimizing the underlying infrastructure that runs their applications.”

Some of the new cloud-native compiler’s features are:

  • Optimizations at Lower Reduced Cost;
  • Application Performance and Performance of JVM-Based Infrastructure Workloads Improvement;
  • Wasteful Overprovisioning Avoidance;
  • Rapid Warmup to Full-Speed Operation;
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