The immediate availability of Coherence 21.06-M1 release is now a fact – the first milestone release on the road to Coherence 21.06 scheduled for June of this year, which contains a number of bug fixes and improvements, and a brand new Repository API implementation.

The Repository API implements Repository pattern and enables another way of accessing data stored in Coherence. It provides a higher-level API on top of the existing NamedMap API, effectively making many common data access operations one-liners. It is particularly well suited for applications that use Domain Driven Design (DDD), although it is certainly not limited only to those.

The Repository API was introduced to make the implementation of data access layer within the applications easier, regardless of which framework you use to implement applications that use Coherence as a data store. It works equally well for plain Java applications and applications that use CDI, where you can simply create your own repository implementations, as described at the beginning of this document.

It is also the foundation for our Micronaut Data repository implementations, so all the functionality described here is available when using those frameworks as well. The only difference is how you define your own repositories, which is framework-specific and documented separately.

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