Infrastructure token distribution platform Magna is launching an open-source tool that can process up to 9,000 transactions simultaneously, Block Works reports.

The head of product at Magna, Nitesh Gupta, told Medium that the new airdrop tool is similar to the Disperse app that was launched in 2018.

The latest product, with a meme-inspired name –, is part of Magna’s vision to improve performance in low-level optimizations. The tool is claimed to be “30% cheaper and can process more transactions” than its competitor.

“The approach I took is quite similar to Disperse’s relatively standard airdrop. Where we differ is that I utilize inline assembly to skip…unnecessary EVM opcodes that plain solidity code would be subject to”,

said Harrison Leggio, protocol engineering lead at Magna.

“When people write at a lower level, it can be more optimal. I would say that lower-level languages tend to be harder to write and harder to read and reason — but they’re actually simpler and there’s less things going on.”

said Nitesh Gupta.

Patrick Collins, founder of Cyfrin, a security auditing firm, has previously noted that he hopes more cryptocurrency projects will eventually start to be written in lower-level languages, as this will help reduce gas prices significantly.

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