“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character”, Martin Luther King

A few weeks before the start of Black History Month, Apple released a new Black Unity Collection 2024 to support organizations in the United States that advocate for the rights of black people and that support them pro bono.

With the Black Unity Collection 2024, the tech giant is celebrating the strength and resilience of black people. Black Unity introduces new means of expression inspired by the incredible spirit and beauty of the black community.

Black History

The first of February marks the beginning of Black History Month, which honors the great contributions of the black community to U.S. history. During the month of February, America celebrates the achievements of African American men and women.


Black history brings with it much pain, injustice and cruelty. Years in which black people were slaves, humiliated and subjected to rampant harassment. All those wonderful men, women and children who were blamed and fingered simply because of the small amount or lack of melanin…

The symbols

The blossoming flowers and bright colors in Apple’s collection represent Pan-Africanism and symbolize generations working together to tackle injustice and break down systemic barriers. The Apple Watch Unity Bloom watch face features a beautiful floral design that signifies an ongoing commitment to striving for a more just world.

The surprises don’t end there. The watch has a feature that is triggered when you lift the wrist – the flowers begin to bloom and fill with vibrant hues.

iPhone and iPad owners can share their empathy and support with the new Unity Bloom wallpaper for their Lock Screen, which features an outline of flowers that fill with color when the display is turned on.

Beyond the visible

Many traditions, endless talent, incredibly beautiful art, strength, spirit, energy… Words are not enough to describe how incredibly talented and beautiful black people are! And with the talent and creativity Apple has shown us in this new collection, they have proven once again why they are among the best.

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