As is well known, GitHub Copilot works well with JavaScript, Typescript, Python, Ruby and Go. You may all remember when it was first released – it caused a real euphoria with the online space in a short time. In their initial reactions, many described the code writing aid as a significant game changer. Later, however, some became afraid to use Github for reasons such as copyright infringement.

GitHub Copilot is powered by OpenAI GPT-3, a language prediction technology that generates a script that resembles human language. Today, we have chosen to present you with a variety of options that can replace GitHub Copilot, according to India AI.

Interesting and Good Alternatives to GitHub Copilot

Tabnine (formerly known as Codota) was among the first code completion tools that were introduced to the market. The Tabnine plugin for your preferred IDE supports the most popular programming languages, libraries and frameworks. Tabnine’s AI models are trained exclusively on open-source enabled code, ensuring that your work remains yours.

Tabnine supports widely used programming languages such as Typescript, Python, Rust, and Go. Additionally, each pattern in Tabnine is set up for specific languages, allowing for accurate autocompletion. When it comes to privacy and compliance, Tabnine always protects your code. Additionally, it integrates IDE tools such as VSCode, IntelliJ, Pycharm, Sublime, Rider, WebStorm, and AppCode.

Captain Stack is a free and open-source Visual Studio Code plugin that combines the two. It is a code recommendation tool inspired by Copilot that uses Google instead of AI. It submits your search query to Google and retrieves and auto-completes replies from StackOverflow and Github Gist.

GPT-Code-Clippy (GPT-CC)
GPT-Code-Clippy is a collaborative effort to create GPT-Codex, an open-source counterpart of GitHub Copilot, a GPT-3-based AI pair programmer. It makes it easy for academics to evaluate large deep-learning models trained on code to determine their strengths and limitations. The GPT-Neo model, pre-trained on the Pile dataset, is the basic language model for GPT-CC. The model is trained with the Causal Language Modeling objective in mind.

IntelliCode is an experimental AI coding helper trained on a selection of GitHub projects; it is a Visual Studio-exclusive Microsoft offering. Team completion is one of the most attractive features of IntelliCode. Tabnine supports this capability for all popular IDEs if you’re searching for an IDE-agnostic solution that enables team autocompletion training.

Asm-Dude is an addon for Microsoft Visual Studio that provides syntax highlighting and code completion for assembly files and disassembly windows. The primary features are syntax highlighting and descriptions, documentation links, code completion, code folding, structure help, and label analysis.

Kite is an AI-powered programming helper that assists programmers in writing Python code within JupyterLab. The platform enables developers to write faster by conserving keystrokes and displaying the appropriate data at the right moment.

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