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The version 6.2 of jtreg, the test harness used by the JDK test framework for writing regression tests, will be the last version to support older versions of the JDK, announced the principal member of technical staff at Oracle, Jonathan Gibbons. He added:

“Since JDK 9, jtreg has been constrained to be compilable with JDK 8, so that we can compile some parts of the code to run on older versions, and this has effectively meant that all of jtreg has been constrained to only use API and language features available in JDK 8.”

As described in [JEP 182], as of JDK 9, javac no longer supports compiling for JDK versions before JDK 8. And separately, to reduce support overhead, jtreg has focussed on a single line of development with the intent of being able to support multiple versions of JDK development, including very old versions.

More about it you can read here.

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