Uno Platform has released Preview 5 of its Figma plugin, which offers enhanced features for designers and developers, Infoq reports. The latest version allows the creation of custom colors by removing color constraints, and enables the import of design system packages (DSPs) to share design system information across tools and projects.

New controls such as Pips Pager and TabBar with vertical orientation, as well as the ItemsRepeater feature, offer even more flexibility to create interactive designs. The Uno platform also introduced new features that provide users with greater flexibility in managing the themes and colors of their applications. These features enable the visual appearance of apps to be customized, resulting in a personalized and visual user experience.

The feature to look out for is the import of the Design System Package (DSP), which allows users to create and save custom color palettes for materials that can be easily imported into the Uno Figma plugin to quickly change the theme of the application. This feature streamlines the process of applying consistent colors across different designs and layouts, and provides greater control and flexibility in applying color to application designs.

Uno Platform has added a custom color feature. This feature removes restrictions on the number of colors used in a design and allows designers and developers to create colors that meet their specific requirements.

Preview 5 also offers two important updates to the image preview and display features. The image placeholder has been enhanced to help designers create more accurate visual representations of their designs, and the need to modify images in a randomly generated preview image from the plugin has been removed. That is, images will now appear in the plugin exactly as they appear in the Figma file.

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