Despite all the speculation about iOS 17 still circulating in the digital space, there are a few features that Apple has announced but not yet released for iPhone and iPad users.

Apple Pay later
One of the most anticipated new features in this category is Apple Pay Later. Announced at WWDC 2022, Apple Pay Later will allow you to split your Apple Pay purchases into four equal zero-interest payments spread over six weeks.

The Apple Pay Later feature is similar to competitors like Affirm and Klarna, two of the companies leading the modern wave of “buy now, pay later” type platforms. Apple notes that its platform will be “seamless and secure,” with integration into the Apple Wallet app and zero fees.

Apple Card Savings Account
Apple has announced that it will integrate a high-yield savings account directly into the Wallet app for Apple Card users. This feature was announced in October, with Apple saying it would be available “soon.” Given that the Apple Card is only available in the United States, the new savings account will also be limited to the US.

During the WWDC conference, Apple unveiled what it described as “the next generation of CarPlay.”

Next-generation CarPlay
The new CarPlay interface has been dramatically redesigned compared to what’s currently available. It will offer support for multiple screens in the vehicle and will be able to integrate deeply with the vehicle’s hardware. This new CarPlay design could completely replace the manufacturer’s own digital interfaces:

-Speed, fuel level, temperature, and more on the instrument cluster

-Control the radio or change the climate directly through CarPlay

-Personalize the driving experience by choosing different gauge cluster designs

-With widgets, users will have at-a-glance information from Weather and Music right on their car’s dashboard

Web push notifications

Support for web notifications in Safari has been available on the Mac for several years, but remains noticeably absent on the iPhone and iPhone. What reminded us of this feature was a Mastodon post by Jen Simmons, who works as an Apple Evangelist on the company’s Web Developer Experience team.

In the post, Simmons asked users to share their “favorite web apps” they’ve added to their iPhone’s home screen. This could signal Apple’s ongoing work on web push notifications for the iPhone and iPad, as well as some other improvements to the performance of progressive web apps on Apple’s platforms.

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