Sony has registered a patent for a controller that can change its temperature as a result of player actions and gameplay. As Exputer reports, the company’s new patent application suggests that the PlayStation controller will simulate what’s happening in the game using temperature feedback. If Sony manages to achieve temperature feedback in its controller, it will be just the right complement to tactile feedback.

The patent also describes the inclusion of a “temperature control apparatus”, that would allow it to make the accessory hotter or colder depending on player input, and likely the gameplay situation.

The controller will be made of plastic materials that are difficult to break or bend, similar to current DualSense controllers. The documentation states that a sealed gas bubble is added into the resilient element. The controller circuit would most likely include a temperature control apparatus such as a Peltier element. It could be used to control the volume of gas in the bladder to change the shape of the elastic element. As a result, the player could feel the controller heat up or cool down depending on the game they are playing.

It probably goes without saying that the controller capabilities mentioned in the patent are unlikely to appear in a consumer product. However, if any of these ambitious features make their way into a future Playstation pad, they could provide players with a number of new control options.

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