Hilla has announced the release of version 2.0, which will use Spring Boot 3, Java 17 and Jakarta EE 10, Infoq reports.

The latest release provides access to the latest features and enhancements in the Java ecosystem. Hilla 2.0 also includes an improved TypeScript generator, support for reactive endpoint web sockets, support for native GraalVM images, a simplified theming mechanism, and a new SSO Kit.

With Hilla’s new reactive endpoint feature, developers can send data to clients in a stream without using the usual HTTP request-response model.

Another important addition to Hilla 2.0 is support for GraalVM Native image. This feature includes hints for the AOT compiler required by Spring Boot to build a GraalVM native image. Native images offer faster boot times and lower memory usage compared to JVM-based applications. Developers can build a local native image through Maven and use the build packages to create a container for production deployment.

Hilla 2.0 also includes simplified theming, a new SSO Kit for quickly adding single sign-on capabilities to Hilla applications, and an improved TypeScript generator. The SSO Kit enables integration with third-party identity providers such as Okta, Keycloak and Azure Active Directory. It also provides all the configuration needed to add single sign-on capabilities to Hilla applications based on OpenID Connect.

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