Microsoft released its new Loop app in a public preview, and shortly thereafter the company made the app available for organizations to install. Microsoft shared this information via its official social media channel.

With this app, teams can collaborate in real-time using components, pages and workspaces in one place. Users will be able to share content from Microsoft services without constantly switching between different apps.

Here are the three key elements of Microsoft Loop:
-Components: According to the official website, these are the building blocks of Loop that make it easy to create and share content.
-Workspaces: This component provides a centralized hub for collaboration and project management for your team.
-Pages: In this component of the Loop app, your team can work together to create, edit and share content in real-time.

Microsoft Loop helps organize everything you need for a project in one workspace.

Many more features
According to the tech giant, Microsoft Loop allows you to organize in a workspace and even search for relevant items to include in it. Workspaces allow teams to keep up with the rapid development of projects. Users can easily turn any Loop page content into a component and can easily copy and paste information into applications such as Teams chat, Outlook, Whiteboard and Word for the web.

Microsoft Loop has the ability to track progress and custom labels to help the team navigate dynamic workflows. Tasks you assign in the Loop app and in the to-do list component sync across Microsoft Planner and To Do. This way, you’ll always have the latest list of what’s most important to you. Comments, reactions, and emoticons help you express yourself and your emotions as you work with your team.

Notifications help you manage your time and attention on the go – from desktop to mobile. With Microsoft Loop you can control the situation. When you create Loop components, security and permission settings are applied just like they are in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also find what you’re looking for using the Loop app search, since the app is integrated with Microsoft 365 and you can set a custom filter for Loop components and pages to quickly find what you need.

How do I access the app?
The Loop app is available in public preview. To download the mobile app, visit Loop for Android and the Loop app for iOS. If you are an IT administrator, review the settings management for the Loop app to enable Microsoft Loop for your organization.

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