Spotify Plugins for Backstage helps developers monitor software status and manage skill sets.

According to Backstage Director and General Manager, Austin Lamon, the new suite of five plugins for the developer platform focuses on developer efficiency. The bundle includes Pulse, a productivity and satisfaction survey tool, role-based access control, a no-code access management plugin, and Insights for monitoring Backstage usage across the enterprise.

But those aren’t the only extensions. Skill Exchange also connects talent within the organization, and Soundcheck codifies engineering best practices. Backstage’s main advantage is that it is flexible, extensible and open source, allowing companies to avoid vendor lock-in.

Development teams can use Backstage to build self-service portals to manage assets and unify applications, documents, services and tools into a single UI. It includes a catalog for managing software, including microservices and libraries, templates to spin up new projects, and a catalog of open source plugins.

“Gone are the days when IDEs competed on core features like code creation speed, usability, build automation and more. Тhe competition has moved to adjacent areas — ultimately to foster higher developer velocity. Spotify Backstage shows this with its latest innovations.”


Said Holger Mueller, vice president and analyst at Constellation Research.

He also adds that premium plugins Skill Exchange and Soundcheck are key to developer success. The former reflects the ability to work on gigs, while the latter aims to create a productive environment for developers.

Baskѕtаgе is a platform designed to enable companies to build customized “developer portals” that bring together all of their tools, plugins, dаnаgеs, services, APIs and dаnаgеs into a single interface. Through Vaskѕtаgе, users can monitor, for example, Kуberpetеѕ, pоvеpоvе the status of a Сl/CD, view the costs of an оblаgе or follow up on security incidents.

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