Google has released the second developer preview of Android 14, taking the next major release of the operating system one step further towards its full release, Digital Trends reports.

Like the first developer preview of Android 14, the clue as to who it’s for is in the name.

This early release is designed for developers to test new features and designs in their applications and explore how new tools in the software can help improve them. It is not intended for everyday use by users – that version will appear later.

The second pre-release comes a month after the first and includes improvements based on feedback from the initial release, as well as additional changes to some of the first new features introduced with Android 14. Don’t expect an in-depth look at how Android 14 will look and work here, as the tools are focused on app development rather than showing directly user-facing design elements and features.

In terms of security and privacy, the introduction of Credential Manager is an important move as it promises to simplify login procedures – through the use of passwords or (more interestingly) keys. Google discussed passcodes in Android last year, and this useful feature promises to be part of Android 14’s improved security suite. Other changes being experimented with in the second Developer Preview include fewer non-discriminatory notifications, optimized background memory management, and a more user-customizable personalization menu.

The second developer preview of Android 14 has to be installed manually and is currently only compatible with Google Pixel phones, ranging from the Pixel 4a to the latest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models. Even if you have one of these phones, it’s not advisable to attempt to install the new preview version of Android 14 unless you’re a developer.

In the near future, as it has done in the past, Google will release a beta version of the software that is suitable for non-developers to try out. It’s best to wait until then before trying to see what Android 14 offers today.

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