Being a developer means we like to stay on top of the latest and the coolest technologies and practices. We know learning is a continuous process and let’s be fair – developers do not owe their successful careers to Google or Stack Overflow.

As the tech community grows rapidly, all developers must catch up with the latest trends related to programming. Wheater there is a new coding language, new development methods or an updated tools that smoothen software delivery… Developers should be informed about everything. And what is the fastest way to catch up with all these innovations?!

Well… Social media is a great way to collaborate on developments, meet other developers, share open-source projects indeed. So, today, we want to talk about YouTube. Sharing is so popular that a lot of developers spare some time to share their projects, their professional lifestyle, and feelings. And if you are wondering which developers’ channels you should follow, here is a list of Youtube channels that may trigger your interest.

Eddie Jaoude (19.7K subscribers) @eddiejaoude 

Eddie is a Full Stack open-source software engineer with 15+ years of experience. Eddie posts about his open-source projects and tips to get into coding. Check his channel.

Aaron Jack (229K subscribers) @_aaronjack

Aaron is a freelance Software Engineer from San Francisco. He founded Freemote Bootcamp and speaks about programming languages tips and trends on his Youtube channel.

Mayuko (440K subscribers) @hellomayuko 

Mayuko is a former Silicon Valley engineer. After working for Netflix and Intuit, she became a content creator on Youtube. She publishes about mental health, career path, and programming languages. Check her channel.

Maya Bello (7.38K subscribers) @maya_loves_code

Maya aims at inspiring her subscribers to learn how to code with various coding tutorials and tech content. Go to her channel.

ForrestKnight (292K subscribers) @ForrestPKnight

ForrestKnight films what he codes. He shares his coding techniques, speaks about computer science and Data structures. Go to his channel.

TechLead (1.02M subscribers) @techleadhd

Patrick Shyu is an Ex-Google/ex-Facebook tech lead. He actively shares his opinion of the tech trends, coding stacks, as well as his personal financial experiences. Check his channel. 

Andy Sterkowitz (291K subscribers) @andysterks 

Andy is a self-taught developer. He shares his story of how he became a developer along with coding tips and tech content. Go to his channel.

Beacoder (7.3K subscribers) @coderbea 

Previously interned at Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and Twitter, Bea posts videos about her previous internships, giving tips on where to get started to become a software engineer. This channel is ideal for dev newbies.

Ben Awad (323K subscribers) @benawad

He is an amazing open-source software developer, who makes videos about React, React Native, GraphQL, Typescript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Python, etc. He is the guy behind DogeHouse, although this project is closed now, he made it pretty famous. You can visit his channel.

Kalle Hallden (515K subscribers) @kallehallden

He is an amazing YouTuber with amazing production quality, If You want to learn from examples, then this channel is recommended by me to everybody. He also make reviews about gadgets you may need as a software developer. Check his YouTube channel.

There you are, 10 active youtube channels! Each one is unique simply because these developers don’t have the same approach to software and because their content strategy is different. They all tell a different story!

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International