Start-up Qubit Pharmaceuticals is significantly reducing the time and investment required to discover reliable treatments in oncology, inflammatory diseases and antivirals.This is done by accelerating the simulation and modeling of drug molecules using hybrid quantum computing.

Qubit is building a drug discovery platform using the NVIDIA QODA programming model for hybrid quantum-classical computers and the startup’s Atlas software suite.

“By combining NVIDIA’s computational power and leading-edge software with Qubit’s simulation and molecular modeling capabilities, we are confident in our ability to dramatically reduce drug discovery time and cut its cost by a factor of 10. This unique collaboration should enable us to develop the first quantum physics algorithms applied to drug discovery”,
said Robert Marino, president of Qubit Pharmaceuticals.

Founded in 2020, the Paris and Boston-based company is a member of NVIDIA Inception, a program that offers go-to-market support, expertise and technology for cutting-edge startups.

Qubit has one of France’s largest GPU supercomputers for drug discovery, powered by NVIDIA DGX systems. The startup aims for pharmaceutical companies to begin testing their first drug candidates discovered through its GPU-accelerated research next year.

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