The first event, hosted by Apple in 2021, will take place on April 20. What should be expected is the company’s announcement of their new products such as new versions of iPad Pro, iPad mini 6, and other devices like Apple AirTags.

Apple literally announced the date of the event at the last minute, but there have been rumours over the last few months. The invite hint at any devices with the tagline “Spring Loaded” focused on the timeline of the event.

The products we should expect are most notably, iPad Pro, the last release of which was in March 2020. There are rumours that the premium tablet will have a chipset that’s ‘on par’, with the M1 chip Apple built for Mac computers, and the larger model in the range, which usually is the 12.9-inch model, will have a mini LED display.

Apple and VR might use haptic socks and Apple VR headset controllers might be a pair of ‘thimble’ rings.

There used to be rumours about the release of the new AirPods 3, but according to more recent rumours, they are ready but won’t be released yet. There is also huge potential for the iPhone 13 to be introduced.

Jon Prosser recently leaked that the new developments of Apple might include Tile-Like AirTags trackers, as well as a new Apple TV. A very intriguing rumour was that the next Apple TV would be a set-top box with an Apple TV 4K built into it.

If those rumours are truthful, Apple TV 6 might even include a camera for video conferencing, similar to the webcams used by WhatsApp, Messenger and FaceTime.

How much of this information is completely true, we would find out next week at the event or in June with WWDC.

You can watch the event on-air from here.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International