SmartBear has released SwaggerHub Explore, a new tool that gives developers instant access to RESTful and Apache Kafka endpoints with the new.

“SwaggerHub Explore is a developer-centric tool that brings new innovation to the SmartBear API lifecycle portfolio of solutions,”

said Sean Butler, Vice President of Product Management at SmartBear.

The free API exploration tool has an easy-to-use interface and accelerates the development lifecycle by allowing developers to easily visualize API data in one place and quickly evaluate functionality before investing valuable time in API integration. This solves a major challenge for developers and accelerates the development of high-quality software with limited resources.

SwaggerHub Explore simplifies the entire process by offering visibility to developers for investigating multiprotocol RESTful and Apache Kafka endpoints. Developers can send a request and receive an instant response, finding out more about API behaviors, saving time and effort during the integration process. Once developers understand how an API works, they can confidently integrate it and go to market with their releases.

As part of the SmartBear API Developer Lifecycle platform and an integrated part of SwaggerHub, SwaggerHub Explore was designed to meet developers where they are in their API journey as well as reduce context switching between tools. SwaggerHub Explore represents the next step in delivering higher-valued tools to engineering teams while streamlining the work they need to do to maintain different products.

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