Launch Code released a new free course in the Kansas City area. Its name is CoderGirl and it aims to draw more women into the tech field. The program provides training to write computer code and the opportunity for jobs in tech to women only. It also helps self-identifying women and non-binary people enter the tech field. The director of public relations at Launch Code, Leah Freeman said:

“A variety of backgrounds and a variety of viewpoints and opinions lead to better products and better services… We cannot afford to have one mindset or one viewpoint creating these products and services.”

David Mitchell, chief technology officer with VMLY&R, added:

“These are fantastic, highly paid careers and women are a huge part of the available workforce.”

Participants have the opportunity to choose one of three specialized tracks – Data analysis, Introduction to product orJava web development. After completing the course, they also have access to LaunchCode’s job-readiness program, Liftoff, and its apprenticeship program.

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