Intel is about to disable the AVX-512 instruction which is set on its entire Alder Lake CPU range. By disabling the E cores the motherboard manufacturers will be able to enable AVX-512 on the P cores via the BIOS.

The manufacturers that it is about to block AVX-512 support at a BIOS level. Probably Intel will make it happen through a microcode update.

PCgamer explains that according to a motherboard manufacturer they have spoken with, AVX-512 is kind of a late omission from the official 12th Gen specification. It’s not a secret that a significant number of the high-end motherboards have VRM designs which make them much more capable. The reason? AVX-512.

According to some people, AVX-512 can deliver a very useful performance boost, but it is only for a limited number of applications. Others say that it is actually a power virus.

However, if you are capable of making use of AVX-512 support, it’s better not to upgrade your BIOS from now on.

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