Cyber threats are growing exponentially, both in volume and complexity. Many of these threats may go unidentified or may be detected too late for an organization to avoid a data breach or other associated risks.

The risk of threats is increasing, and one of the main reasons is the adoption of new digital technologies such as cloud computing, automation, artificial intelligence and ML on a larger scale and at greater speed.

As this is an inevitable process that is part of the evolution of the industry, it is imperative that companies build a robust security strategy to identify, prevent and respond to the ever-evolving cyber threats. In today’s article, we’ll take you through some of the most secure ways you can improve your organization’s security, presented by Devops Digest.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Security

Performing an inventory audit
Complete visibility of your organization’s assets is fundamental to improving security. An inventory audit should include all on-premises, cloud and mobile assets, managed or unmanaged assets, applications and infrastructure, peripheral assets and core assets. It is also imperative to understand the business criticality of each asset.

Security assessment
The assessment provides a complete picture of your organization’s internal and external security posture. Through it, you’ll be able to understand security gaps across your organization and determine the next steps you need to take to improve your cybersecurity maturity level.

Choosing a cybersecurity framework
A cybersecurity framework helps organizations better understand their cybersecurity risks and protect their business. It is important to know that due to the fact that each industry has its own set of compliance and data protection needs, different frameworks are available in the market.

Educate your employees
It is very important that your employees share equal responsibility for protecting the organization from security threats. Cybersecurity awareness training programs would help employees understand the importance of cybersecurity, the potential consequences of a data breach, and their role in preventing attacks. They would also be able to recognise and respond effectively to cyber-attacks. By doing so, you can easily foster a strong security culture within your company, thereby improving your security posture.

It would hardly surprise you if we told you that adaptation is the key to survival in this changing landscape of cyber threats. The truth is that no organization is immune to cyberattacks. Sooner or later every company, regardless of the nature and size of its business, will come face to face with this threat. To be well prepared for it, you need to regularly assess and optimize your security processes and controls and strengthen your security posture. Companies need to refine their incident response and business continuity plans to respond to changes in threat levels.

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