One of the pioneers of its field, Tabnine is a code completion assistant that uses generative artificial intelligence to predict and suggest next lines of code based on the surrounding context. Tabnine is now opening beta access to new capabilities aimed at generating block tests.

Tabnine is able to provide code completion at three different levels by completing a line, completing an entire function, or converting natural language comments into code. It can run in the cloud or on premises to meet various privacy and compliance requirements. It should be noted that code completion in Tabnine supports a wider range of languages than unit test generation, additionally including Rust, Go and Bash, Infoq wrote on the topic.

Several code suggestion generation services have been launched in the past year, including GitHub Copilot, AWS CodeWhisperer, OpenAI Codex and others. Tabnine is the first to also offer unit testing generation.

In related news, Tabnine also announced that it has reached over 1 million monthly users.

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