Have you remembered our article “The coolest Tech-Startups preaching Sustainability in 2021” influenced by Earth Day, 22 of April 2021?

Well, we have some amazing news here – Circulor, one of the listed tech startups, helped us unveil the world of the supply-chain industry and its traceability, visibility and control.

The DevStyler team explores the blockchain technologies, the need for tech-professionals, the digitalisation of supply chains, and more in an exclusive interview with Douglas Johnson‑Poensgen, a co-founder and chief executive at Circulor.

Some of the questions that we covered are related to how digital technologies transform the supply chain, the integration of blockchain technologies, the Unique approach of Circular, and the challenges in terms of the raw materials supply chain.

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Douglas Johnson‑Poensgen soon on DevStyler Global!

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International