Elon Musk has announced that all X accounts that have 2,500 or more verified followers will get the Premium features for free, Business Today reports.

Accounts that have more than 5,000 confirmed followers will receive all Premium+ features at no charge.

“From now on, all 𝕏 accounts with more than 2,500 confirmed follower subscribers will get the Premium features for free, and accounts with more than 5,000 will get Premium+”, Musk sain in tweet.

The Premium package offers some benefits including an edit button, the ability to publish blog posts and fewer ads.

In addition to these features, the Premium package includes access to GrokAI, a chatbot launched last November. GrokAI aims to provide answers filled with humor and a touch of rebelliousness.

The billionaire announced the news in a post on X, without revealing further details. Previously, the chatbot was only available for Premium+ subscribers.

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