Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched its Nexus digital reality platform, Metal AM reports.

It applies the latest cloud technologies with the idea of removing barriers to innovation by enabling global teams to collaborate in real time throughout the product lifecycle – from design and engineering to manufacturing and quality – to solve design and manufacturing problems together and accelerate time to market.

The goal of Nexus is to create a “digital reality” where people can access information in real time, in context and in one place, so that users can make more informed decisions. Hexagon customers will be able to connect what they need from its portfolio of hundreds of software applications and devices for design and engineering, manufacturing and metrology, as well as third-party technologies.

“Companies across the world are pushing the boundaries of innovation, and Industry 4.0 is bringing ever more tools, technologies and data sources into view,”

stated Parth Joshi, Chief Product and Technology Officer for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division.

“However, the industry has a problem – processes and data sources are often siloed and team members struggle to collaborate across disciplines. This is severely hampering progress”.

he continued.

Nexus will enable users to build on their existing portfolio of technologies by promoting the discovery of new tools, training, and support across a wide portfolio of software and hardware from Hexagon and its partner ecosystem.

Nexus is built for companies of all sizes, making the benefits of the cloud available without major expense, lengthy system integration or IT costs. The platform’s open architecture allows larger companies to connect teams using Nexus to their enterprise software platforms, preserving their established business and regulatory processes while enriching the digital thread where needed with missing data.

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