We are Devexperts, an international FinTech company that provides development and consulting services since 2002. Our team of more than 700 financial software development experts creates high-quality B2B products using top-notch technologies.

At our work, we strive for excellence and innovation. To develop the professionalism of our employees and raise awareness of the newest technologies and methods, we created a set of activities to create an environment for expertise and ideas exchange.

We talk
To contribute to the global IT community, we launched regular tech meetups dxTechTalk. The key idea of these events is knowledge sharing within the community and building a network of tech enthusiasts.

A typical dxTechTalk is an informal evening meeting with tech presentations and networking sessions after. When preparing, we carefully choose and support our speakers in preparation. As a rule, the tech part is a panel of two speakers: an expert guest and one of our top employees.

After the first launch in 2019, dxTechTalk has expanded its presence to four countries: Bulgaria, Portugal, Turkey, and Georgia. Our geography keeps on growing along with the company.

During COVID, we paused our offline events and switched to online webinars. This year, we are happy to relaunch our on-site activities and have already hosted three meetups dedicated to frontend development, mobile technologies, and QAOps practices. Until the end of 2022, we plan even more activities in Sofia, so if you are a fan of high-quality tech content and want to extend your network, join our events: https://www.meetup.com/dxttsofia/.

dxTechTalk uses all available channels to educate and bring talented developers together. Apart from physical events, dxTechTalk conducts free webinars, publishes technical articles, contributes to Open Source, and collaborates with local IT communities. So, anyone can join our initiatives, no matter the location.

We care
While we receive great feedback from our external activities, we never forget that behind each dxTechTalk there’s hard work. Since we consider our employees our most important investment, we support and train all the employees who want to improve their public speaking and presenting skills every step of the way. To do that, we conduct a series of events and activities.

Speakers’ Club
This exclusive internal 2-month course improves employees’ public speaking skills and prepares professional technical presentations. We work through all the issues speakers usually encounter, from speech writing and stage frights to audience engagement and presentation design.
Speakers’ Start and Kitchen talk
The employees can try the water at our internal speaking events to use the knowledge they get from the Speakers’ Club course in practice.

At Speaker’s Start, they can share their work experience, case studies, and work-related ideas. For non-working issues discussions, we introduced the Kitchen Talk, where the speakers can tell their colleagues about their hobbies or other things that interest them.

100% online, it’s a convenient way to try yourself as a speaker, share something that inspires you, make a dry run of a presentation, and get feedback from colleagues regarding your presentation or topic overall.

We work together
The community does not revolve around Devexperts’ initiatives only. We keenly participate in conferences, sponsor local professional events, and host guest events in all our locations. We’re proud of our cozy office in Sofia, where every guest speaker can enjoy all-set-and-ready equipment, an inspiring environment, and a grateful professional audience.

Want to join us as an expert, broaden your audience, and get to the next level of professional networking in fintech? Contact us to discuss the options!

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