Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention — and How to Think Deeply Again has been nominated as one of the Top 10 books of the year by Amazon.

The annual list is hand-picked by a team of editors who read thousands of books each year and share their recommendations on Amazon Book Review to help customers find their next great read.

“We can’t stop talking about Stolen Focus. It’s vital and mesmerizing, examining why we as individuals and as a collective have lost our attention spans. Suffice to say, Hari’s three-month tech-detox and his findings will make you immediately want to stop scrolling the internet, quit thinking in slogans and 280 characters, and engage authentically in sustained thought so that we can tackle global issues like poverty, racism, and climate change. Deeply satisfying and affirming and full of light-bulb moments, this is a book everyone should read”,
said Al Woodworth, Amazon Editor.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Chasing the Scream and Lost Connections comes a groundbreaking examination of why this is happening – and how to get our attention back.

New York Times best-selling author Johann Hari went on an epic journey across the world to meet the leading scientists and experts investigating why this is happening to us – and discovered that everything we think we know on this subject is wrong.

He shows how he learned this in a thrilling journey that takes him from Silicon Valley dissidents who figured out how to hack human attention, to veterinarians who diagnose dogs with ADHD; from a favela in Rio where everyone lost their attention in a particularly surreal way, to an office in New Zealand that discovered a remarkable technique to restore their workers’ attention.

Crucially, he learned how – as individuals, and as a society – we can get our focus back, if we are determined to fight for it. The answers will surprise and thrill you. This is a book about our attention crisis unlike any you’ve read before.

“I think this book is exactly what the world needs right now… I hope everybody buys the book. I promise you it will be worth your time and certainly worth your focus”,
said Oprah Winfrey about the book.

“In his unique voice, Johann Hari tackles the profound dangers facing humanity from information technology and rings the alarm bell for what all of us must do to protect ourselves, our children and our democracies”,
said Hillary Clinton about the book.

The book fascinates more celebrities including Arianna Huffington, Eve Ensler, Stephen Fry, Naomi Klein, Simon Amstell and others.

The other books that made the top 10 list have nothing to do with the tech world. Some of them are Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin, Fairy Tale by Stephen King, Horse by Geraldine Brooks and others.

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