In a bold move underscoring its confidence in artificial intelligence as the future of computing, Microsoft is adding a groundbreaking Copilot AI button to Windows PC keyboards. This historic update, the first major keyboard redesign in three decades, will debut in machines announced at the upcoming CES, Microsoft announced.


This change marks the first major alteration to the Windows keyboard layout in 30 years. It represents a significant shift in hardware design, reflecting the growing integration of AI into everyday technology.

“We definitely think this is the year of the AI PC,” says Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s executive VP. Mehdi emphasizes the role of AI in fundamentally altering computer interaction, noting the vast potential for content creation across various domains.

The Copilot Key

Located to the right of the space bar, this new key will replace the traditional menu button. Pressing it activates Windows Copilot, an AI assistant facilitating tasks from setting adjustments to app launches. For users without Copilot enabled, the key defaults to Windows search.

The first PCs featuring this innovation will be announced at CES, with broader availability expected by spring. Microsoft and other PC brands aim to make the Copilot key a standard feature on new PCs by year’s end.

Beyond the Key

Mehdi highlights that while the hardware key is a notable change, it’s part of a larger reimagining of PCs for the AI era. This includes integrating specialized neural processing chips for AI tasks, enhancing the overall Windows experience.

This integration positions Microsoft and its partners favorably against competitors, notably Apple’s Mac line.

Microsoft joins other tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Meta in embedding AI into hardware. This trend spans various devices, including smart speakers, displays, and even wearables like Meta’s AI-assisted Ray-Ban Smart Glasses.

The Copilot key is a symbol of Microsoft’s vision for an AI-integrated future, promising a more intuitive, efficient, and creative computing experience for users worldwide.

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