Unit 2 Games has broken the bad news to the Crayta community that the game creation platform will be shutting down next month, mixed news reports. This news forced the creators to urgently save all the images and ideas they want to use for new games. Meta purchased Unit 2 in 2021 and game development has never stopped.

Players expressed sadness in response to the announcement on Twitter. If you’ve invested time in the platform, you should make screen recordings of your favorite games and worlds to preserve those memories and share them with others. It’s sad to see wasted creative effort, and that’s always a risk with world-building games.

“While we’ve expanded Crayta significantly since launch, we’ve unfortunately not seen quite enough growth for us to justify continuing. Google Stadia shut its doors recently, which was the initial launch platform for Crayta, so we’ve decided that now is the right time to bring things to a close, despite the dedicated efforts of our team and our community.”

The team wrote in a Medium post.

The good news is that before it closes Crayta will be organising activities and events, including holiday play streams, as well as help and support to improve creative skills in the future. However, the Unit 2 Games studio will continue to exist.

As the year began, Meta was very unpredictable with his decisions. Earlier this week, Zuckerberg’s company decided to stop one of Oculus’ most popular games, Echo VR, which caused misunderstanding in the gaming community. However, the company continues to acquire other VR and AR-related companies, binance writes on the topic.

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