With Bluetooth peripherals becoming more and more common, they haven’t necessarily become easier to set up and configure.

Switching earphones and smartwatch to another device, and it can be cumbersome to do so. A possible solution to the problem yet is Google’s Fast Pair, and more Bluetooth peripherals need to use it.

Google’s Fast Pair is a proprietary system that is part of Google Play Services and, therefore, is on pretty much every Android smartphone. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to detect nearby Bluetooth accessories that are looking to pair and will pop up a photo of the accessory and a connect button if they’re discovered nearby on your Android smartphone.

As smartwatches grow in popularity and headphone jacks slowly disappear, the Bluetooth pairing system needs a major revamp. The replacement for the headphone jack, assuming that the technology is going that way, needs to be a whole lot easier to use in order to win over the masses. Some of the Bluetooth accessories on the market today are incredible, but I’m sure we’ve all run into pairing problems at one point or another. Fast Pair aims to standardize the process for Android phones, and it’s a shame that not many devices actually use it.

Fast Pair is such a useful feature, and the fact that it can help to locate lost devices along with streamlining the entire pairing process makes this a must, for future Bluetooth peripherals.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International