Telerik Academy announced that the new edition of the Telerik Academy Alpha program with Java will provide a new training model with 120% more practice. The application is open until June 13 through the website of the Academy and is available to anyone who wants to start an IT career – regardless of whether they have knowledge in the field or not. Preparatory materials and a free online course are available for complete beginners, where they will learn the basics of programming with the help of experienced specialists. Alexandra Mechkova, CEO of Telerik Academy said:

“For a year now, we have been conducting all our training in a completely remote format, optimized for the needs of students and business and in response to the new online work environment. We have kept every aspect that makes our programs so successful – uncompromising quality, focus on practice, teamwork, constant feedback and communication between trainers and students, and we have even upgraded many of the elements. Today our practice in our programs has doubled after the introduction of blended format, and only last year our trainers spent over 3700 hours in mentoring students and over 560 hours in personal meetings. “

The specific thing from the so-called blended format is the exclusive focus on the practice in the learning process in order to acquire skills applicable from the first day of the workplace. With it, students receive the necessary information for the upcoming lesson in advance in the form of detailed materials and videos prepared by the trainers of the Academy. During the lecture, students apply what they have learned in projects under the mentorship of trainers, which allows more exercises and personalized feedback to the specific needs of each participant in the training.

Free preparation

Telerik Academy provides a free preparatory course for the entrance exam for the program, which will be held on June 15. Completely beginners can use the detailed materials on the website of Telerik Academy or apply for participation in the preparatory course, which is held within 6 online sessions (mainly on Saturdays), each lasting 3-4 hours. Similar to the Alpha program with Java, the participants learn new skills under the guidance of an experienced expert.

A key criterion in the selection of participants for the preparatory course is their desire to develop and acquire new skills, as well as to complete their application by April 20. In addition, the Academy organizes a preliminary entrance exam on April 22, with which candidates with basic skills can secure a place in the program at this early stage.

Online training with constant feedback

Training at Telerik Academy Alpha with Java starts on July 5. The program lasts 6 months and includes over 440 hours of technical sessions, soft skills lectures for the development of personal and communication skills, hackathons, development of real web applications, tests and work on individual projects. All this will happen with the guidance and mentoring of the trainers of Telerik Academy. Students can also expect constant feedback from them in the form of reviews and personal development tips.

Each element of the program reflects the real work environment to prepare participants for their successful development in the IT sector. During the training, meetings are held with software companies, partners of Telerik Academy, which is an opportunity for students to learn more about the industry, processes, job interviews and even how the first months in an IT company go. The training ends with the elaboration of a complete real project, which is proof of everything learned and a key part of the CV and the portfolio of the students.

A career in the IT industry

According to the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies, the IT industry needs 3.5-6 thousand new employees every year. This makes the well-prepared junior talent important for the development of the software sector in our country. At the same time, Java remains one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, but also in our country. The language is used for mobile and web applications and plays an important role in the development of the IoT sector, as well as in the most common operating system in the world – Android. According to data from Dev. bg for March 2021, Java is the most popular back-end programming language by companies in Bulgaria.

More about Java, the development opportunities for Java programmers, details about the Telerik Academy Alpha program with Java, will be revealed during a career webinar on April 13, organized by the Academy. The event is free but requires registration.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International