Copado announced the launch of Copado AI, a program aimed to make enterprise SaaS development faster, easier and more accessible by reducing complexity and improving productivity for both technical and non-technical users. By bridging the gap between business need and end-code, Copado’s AI program enables organizations to realize the full potential of their DevOps tools and maximize their enterprise SaaS investment.

The first product in the Copado AI program is the Copado AI Companion which launched today on the DevOps Exchange. The first feature available is User Story Enrichment, a generative AI co-pilot that grooms requirements to ensure user stories are complete for development and testing. User story enrichment empowers business analysts, administrators, and developers to refine every aspect of a user story, from the title and acceptance criteria to the most intricate details, eliminating the time spent on finding the right words or phrasing and reducing human errors.

“Copado started because we wanted to make release days easier for everyone so they could go home and be with their families. Embracing generative AI in our platform is not just an evolution of our original vision, it’s high octane jet fuel, allowing us to make gains we couldn’t have imagined even five years ago”,

said Federico Larsen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Copado.

As demands on IT increase, AI and automation will be the only way to increase speed while improving quality.

The Copado AI program leverages OpenAI and proprietary frameworks to explore generative AI pilots across the entire development lifecycle, including pipeline automation, suggestive AI, test automation and exploratory testing.

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