The Google Phone app is finally getting a basic Caller ID feature that will announce the caller’s name and number for all incoming calls. The feature has been in development for the last few months, and we first spotted it in an APK teardown back in September last year. It’s finally rolling out to users on the latest stable version of the Google Phone app, and here’s what it looks like:

As you can see in the screenshots, the Caller ID feature in the Google Phone app appears as a new setting called “Caller ID announcement.” This setting was previously hidden in the Advanced section of the app’s Settings menu, but it has been moved to the main Settings page in the final release. Tapping on the setting opens up a new page with a single option called “Announce caller ID.” You can tap on this option to enable Caller ID announcements for all calls, while you’re using a headset, or turn it off completely.

Once enabled, the feature will announce the caller’s name or phone number for incoming calls. This will help users quickly discern whether they wish to answer an incoming call or not without looking at their phone. Although the new Caller ID feature in the Google Phone app isn’t a monumental update, it’s still quite a handy feature to have, especially for users who have some form of visual impairment.

The new Caller ID feature comes just weeks after Google rolled out a new call recording feature in the Google Phone app. The call recording feature lets you automatically record phone calls from unknown numbers.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International