Kotlin is a modern programming language that makes developers’ work easier, and it is also quite popular in these environments. The language is general purpose and was developed by JetBrains along with other helpers 11 years ago.

Today we have chosen to present you with some more detailed information around it, especially for those of you who have the desire to add it to your list of used programming languages.

Java and Kotlin

Kotlin is one of the most popular JVM languages besides Java.

Kotlin is interoperable with Java. If you already know Java, you will probably pick up Kotlin quite easily, as the two languages are quite similar. Developers who know both languages can use Java or Kotlin code in the same project.

Popularity and applications

Although Kotlin is a general-purpose language, it is mostly used for Android app development.

Do you know why this language has gained so much popularity in recent years? Because it was noticed by Google. Back in 2017, Google stated that it would support Kotlin for Android app development over Java.

Many Android apps have been developed using Kotlin, such as Google, Pinterest, Slack, Netflix, N26, Airbnb, and Tinder. Kotlin also works well on other platforms such as iOS, Linux and Windows.

For complete beginner programmers, Hackr.io recommends being able to perform certain tasks before attempting to learn Kotlin.

You should have a basic understanding of computers; the ability to install and manage multiple software products on a computer system, knowledge of Android and iOS for mobile app development, and a basic understanding of back-end and web development.

How to learn Kotlin the easy way?

Like all other programming languages, it’s good to learn Kotlin by practicing and most importantly, having fun. Games are a great way to learn programming and coding, for example.

“While reading the Kotlin documentation is easy and enjoyable, learning everything through examples is another kind of fun.”

write the official Kotlin website.

The language’s website also recommends the TicTacToe game, which is a fun way to test out newly acquired Kotlin skills.

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