It’s not a secret that Apple uses its own A-series and M-series chipsets on iPhones and Macs. However, the company relies on third-party manufacturers such as Broadcom and Skyworks for most of the other chips on these devices. It seems that this is about to change.

A report from Bloomberg says that Apple is now working on setting up a new team that is supposed to design more chip components in-house. That means that components from third-party manufacturers will no longer be necessary. What is more, Apple is hiring engineers for its new office in Irvine, South California. The new members of the team need to be experienced in modem chips and other wireless semiconductors.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s decision to set up a new office to design wireless chips is “part of a broader strategy of expanding satellite offices, letting the tech giant target engineering hotbeds and attract employees who might not want to work at its home base in Silicon Valley.”

Furthermore, the publication notes at the new Apple’s office, engineers will be able to work on wireless radios, radio-frequency integrated circuits, and a wireless system-on-a-chip (SoC). They will also be given the chance to develop semiconductors for connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In this way, they will cover all the components that Apple currently sources from third-party manufacturers.

There is no information on when Apple’s in-house chips will show up in its devices’ lineup because at that stage, the company is still searching for experienced individuals.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International