To celebrate Java’s 25th year, Oracle is offering a huge discount on Java certification: Only $25 for the exam, and the learning pathway (30 hours of educational content) is free! The news broke in the official Oracle Developer Newsletter as it was announced by Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content.

This is also a great opportunity for college students or people just getting into computer science

If the full exam is too difficult, the beginners could try the Java Foundations certification, which is a good introduction that still looks nice on every junior’s resume.

“When I look back, I realize that the process of getting certified made me understand all the exam topics in depth, including reasoning out why and how the language or platform works. The Java Certifications were relevant 18 years back – they are still relevant – recognized and valued by organizations and professionals the world over. These certifications are validated by the industry – creators of the Java language. They help individuals to demonstrate their pro-efficiency with Java. Organizations benefit by selecting from a certified pool to work on their projects”, said Mala Gupta, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Java.                

How it works?

The first step is to activate your free learning subscription. After that you’ll have access to the learning materials required to pass the Java SE Developer OCP. This learning path teaches your advanced programming skills.

The second step is to register for your exam for only $25 USD instead of $245.

The limited edition offer ends on April 25, 2021.

Photo credit: Oracle University
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