London-based startup Superlayer has raised $1.3 million in seed funding to hone its AI-driven sales workflow platform, reports.

The platform enables the qualification and deciphering of deal pipelines in “seconds.”

Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneur Federico Samueli, Superlayer’s platform provides sales teams and their managers with a comprehensive digital companion to boost performance.

The software includes a centralized dashboard with key performance indicators and an overview of future customer interactions. Sales accounts can be quickly annotated using conversational intelligence, and the platform also offers AI-based scenario predictions. Superlayer plugs directly into a customer’s existing CRM software package, writes further on the topic.

“In the current economic climate, there is a lot of pressure on CROs and sales teams to ensure that revenue is predictable. When it comes to CRM systems, sales reps can often feel overwhelmed and struggle to prioritize tasks, while team leaders become increasingly anxious due to a lack of visibility.”

Samueli said.

Superlayer said that after the fundraising, it will invest to refine its product and hire more staff, looking to reach sales teams in new industry verticals.

Tensions in sales teams are rising due to the macroeconomic recession, Samueli says. Strict sales targets, which are often linked to remuneration, could cause significant anxiety.

Triple Point Ventures’ investment director, Seb Wallace, added sales teams had few B2B software products to choose from to gather actionable data on performance.

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