Sheeva.AI announced the launching of an open API platform as part of its phased emergence from stealth, enabling mobile app developers to automate and tailor their services specifically to the driving experience, across any automotive OEM.

Sheeva.AI’s API platform serves as a programmatic interface to monitor and utilize real-time vehicle location to automate payments, trigger driver-centric contextual events, and streamline consumption of vehicle services such as fueling, EV charging, parking, tolls, and curbside retail. Taking a software-first and open API philosophy, Sheeva.AI created a technology to support any mobility related service through its open API platform.

The core differentiator of Sheeva.AI’s technology is its patented location algorithm, enabling the platform to determine the vehicle’s real-time geolocation precisely enough to identify the car’s location down to the gas pump, parking space, EV charging station, toll or drive-thru lane, etc.

Evgeny Klochikhin, CEO and co-Founder of Sheeva.AI, noted:

The mobile revolution only happened after open easy access to location-based services (aka GPS in every phone) became ubiquitous. Every car by 2025 will have the same capability:

Pervasive connectivity,

Embedded GPS, and

API-based Payments, meaning no need for complex architectures.

We at Sheeva.AI are the first to enable these services for Chipsets, OEMs, and Merchants via RESTful APIs. We deliver our solution with little to no architecture changes on behalf of our partners’ IT stacks – more will be revealed when we officially exit stealth next month.

This level of accurate location enables the last-mile automation of services for the vehicle. Applications for this open API include curbside retail pick-up, EV Charging, paying tolls, even getting your favorite drive-thru food.

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