In the hectic life we lead, we often have to perform dozens of tasks in our daily life. If keeping a schedule in a planner takes a lot of time for you, today we will present you the ten most used applications for recording your tasks by priority.

1. Hive

Through this application, you can create a to-do list, record deadlines, and assign tasks to people who are in your workspace.
This application is suitable for you whether you work in person or from home, as well as in a hybrid form.

Hive’s Kanban feature lets you put tasks on a visual board. You can see what their execution status is. Your calendar shows what tasks you have set for the day.

What else does Hive offer?

  •  Ability to track set goals
  •  An AI writing tool that serves to generate content
  •  Create a project plan
  •  Create tasks from notes in notes
  •  Workflow automation tools

2. Todoist

Todoist is the simplest application for recording daily tasks. It is suitable for recording tasks that need to be performed regularly and are frequently repeated.

The application is available from various platforms. Its interface is extremely easy to use. Karma is a built-in system in Todoist that tracks your progress and gives you points for completing your tasks.

3 . Google Keep

This is a Google list making app. It is suitable for recording the products you need for purchase.
Google Keep will come in handy if you need a free app to send you reminders. It is a place to keep basic daily notes. Not suitable for work.

4. Remember The Milk

This application is also intended for use in the everyday sphere, not in the work sphere. It is available on many platforms and is a great option for busy people who need household reminders.

Through it you can create lists of your daily tasks. You can also create tags to priority tasks. In addition, Remember the Milk allows you to create sub-tasks to your main ones.

5. Way of Life

This platform is suitable if you want to give up an old habit and replace it with a new and more useful one. The app is suitable if you have recurring weekly tasks as it allows you to see what progress you have made.

Performance can be noted via a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ function based on the application’s color coding. Way of Life presents graphs that report your activities.

The app also has a reminder function. A journal section can be used to add additional notes to the task.

6. nTask

nTask is an app that can combine recording tasks from both your personal and professional life. It is suitable for task and project management.

Through it you can add other users that you can add to different tasks. The app is available on many platforms and is easy to use.

App Features:

  • Team management
  • risk management
  • meeting management
  • bug tracking

7. Microsoft To Do

The cloud system that the application has allows you to access it anywhere and anytime. Microsoft To Do is easy to use. Through it, you can create your tasks by importance, in alphabetical order, and you can also sort them by due date.

The application allows tasks to be shared with your relatives, friends or colleagues. It can connect to Microsoft Outlook.
Microsoft To Do software is available for all mobile devices. Your lists will be permanently accessible over the Internet. Also, the app is completely free if you have a Microsoft account.

8. TickTick

The application can be used on several platforms. It is available for both computers and mobile devices.
TickTick is characterized by the frugal features:

  • Making smart lists
  •  Calendar
  •  Access to a comprehensive overview of all tasks both daily and monthly
  • Kanban visual board


This app is suitable for both individual and team task setting.
The application software allows managing both daily tasks and creating batch tasks for workflows.

Through the application, you can add other users to the lists of tasks prepared by you. Additionally, the app enables you to assign tasks as well as create a general chat in real time.

10. OmniFocus

This application allows you to quickly save the tasks that remain in the tracking system, and you do not have to remember them. OmniFocus works with the GTD methodology to accomplish tasks.

It is a powerful tool with various customizable features. The app is currently only available for Apple devices. It can be synced with your computer or mobile device.

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