The dedicated team behind the open-source Uno Platform releases Uno Platform 5.0, featuring a host of updates geared towards enhancing productivity. The goal is to elevate efficiency for developers.

Uno Platform serves as a foundation for constructing multi-platform .NET applications, enabling developers to streamline their workflow by utilizing a single codebase across diverse platforms.

Support for C#Markup has been added in the 5.0 release. According to the project’s maintainers, C# Markup has been desired by developers because it allows them to build a complete application using only this language.

“A massive bit of feedback from the community has been the need to learn multiple languages to build an Uno Platform application,” the Uno Platform Team explained in a blog post.

C# Markup demonstrates its versatility by offering support for a wide array of controls, including standard WinUI, Uno.Toolkit, and Uno.Extensions controls. Alternatively, developers can harness the C# Markup support generator to seamlessly integrate third-party controls. In addition, C# Markup is enriched with an array of powerful features such as data binding, styles, resources, templates, and visual states.

One of its standout advantages is the ability to create application user interfaces declaratively, establishing a clear demarcation between the UI and the underlying business logic.

Moreover, the Uno Platform Team has introduced addition: the Figma to C# Markup plugin, drawing inspiration from the Figma-to-XAML plugin. This innovative tool promises to further streamline the design and development process.

The team also created a course for learning about Hot Reload. The hands-on workshop guides developers through building a simple calculator that takes advantage of this feature. It also created another workshop that teaches how to build an app for streaming YouTube videos that can be deployed across multiple platforms, which also highlights the benefits of MVUX.

Other improvements in Uno Platform 5.0 include MP4 camera capture for iOS, improved composition support for Skia targets, improved DPI scaling and theming support for GTK, and more.

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