Social media continues to take over almost everyone’s daily life. Today, their use is not limited to being just for fun. Companies are using social media as an essential tool to grow their business. And as their use grows, that means the amount of valuable data available to businesses of all sizes is growing as well.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, social media provides us with information that without technology is difficult to get our hands on. There are many artificial intelligence tools on the market that help with social media management, content creation, analytics, ads, and much more.

Artificial intelligence can take on many of the time-consuming and monotonous tasks associated with social media. In this way, AI frees up teams by helping them focus on other more important tasks. In this regard, today we have chosen to introduce you to the top 5 best AI tools for social media that Analytics Insights has informed us about.

Top 5 Best AI Tools for Social Media

Flick enables you to create social media content faster and at scale. Users can craft highly personal and on-brand captions 10x faster than before. Instead of spending hours coming up with content ideas, the Assistant can help you generate original and engaging content ideas based on the topics you enter within seconds.

Crafting unique captions can be challenging, but the Assistant helps you do more in less time, within your own unique voice. The tools are wrapped within the ‘Content Planner’, a space for your ideas, whether they’re fully fleshed out or just a working title. This can help you organize your thoughts better and create more cohesive content.

Content Studio
With Content Studio you can create Instagram captions, Tweet ideas, inspirational quotes, rewrite content and never run out of content ideas. You can save time and overcome lack of muse and brain block as a writer through AI-generated captions and images for your social media posts.

Some users may also appreciate the emoji feature, where the AI creates visually engaging posts by analyzing the tone of the text and adding relevant emojis. One feature that most users will find useful is that you can instantly create amazing images for your social media posts by simply giving text descriptions to the AI bot.

For those of you looking to incorporate artificial intelligence into your social media strategy, one of the best options is Lately. It allows you to recognize context from a larger collection of content, which can then be used to create social media posts that promote it.

Lately also offers a social media dashboard that can be used for tasks like scheduling and managing social media projects. Beyond these, you can use Lately to analyze social page metrics, helping you determine the best time to post to reach a wider and more engaged audience.

Another leading artificial intelligence tool for social media is Socialbakers. It is an AI-powered social media management platform that performs advanced audience insights, influencer marketing discovery, and an impressive tracking dashboard and content stream. The single content feed gives you the ability to see all posts across all your platforms. You can also see an analytics dashboard and smart scheduling tools that offer optimal posting times.

Heyday is a good choice for those who want to use AI to create content for their bots. This conversational AI tool for social media interacts with people in real time. In addition to answering queries, Heyday uses natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) to personalize product recommendations and make sales.

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