Now the new notable feature called Air Link is available in Experimental mode. It allows users to stream games or apps wirelessly on their desktop PC. Quest 2 headset and your PC must be running v28 software in order for Air Link to work. Having a secure 5Ghz network or an AC or AX router is required.

Oculus has been working on their new streaming technology named Oculus Air Link for gamers wanting to use Link wirelessly.

However, if you connect your Quest 2 via Link cable the best consistent experience can still be provided. Using the Link cable allows users to charge the headset and also experience the highest-fidelity visuals. Air Link’s performance and compatibility will be improved again and again by the company.

There are also updates on Infinite Office introduced by Oculus. It’s a collection of new features built into Oculus Home. Oculus is also introducing physical surface integration and the ability to track your physical keyboard.

Last but not least the v28 software update introduces 120Hz support on the Quest 2, which is up from the current 90Hz. The system software of The Quest 2 will remain 90HZ.

The v28 software update is expected to roll out gradually, so it may not be introduced right away.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International